Rest monthly envelope fills

My monthly envelope fills seem to have become corrupted. They never have the right amounts and I don’t know how to reset them and start over. They also have envelopes I don’t even use anymore. Shouldn’t they simply reflect the budget I’ve made? Also under “step 3” review and save" the values just have dashes.

Your envelopes just reflect the budget you intend to stick to, but your Fills are what put money in the envelopes. If your totals don’t look correct, it’s because you’ve changed or added a fill that doesn’t align with your budget. To fix it, just go to your scheduled fills, delete any (or all!) that don’t belong, then adjust or create a Fill that matches your spending intentions. You might have multiple fills each cycle, which is fine, just make sure they’re putting money where and when you want it.
Also be sure your “Add” or “Set” toggles are accurate; some users think they’re counterintuitive.
You’ll have to manually adjust this month as fill changes aren’t retroactive, but next time they should be fine.
Hope that helps!