Resetting Envelopes

Hello, I am trying to reset my envelopes to fill for my budget amount for a new biweekly period. Example: Grocery is set for $300 I want to either get it to $0 and start from there or fill $300 either way it doesn’t matter to me. However, no matter which way I do it a previous transaction from the last period from July 2nd (new period started July 4th) is still in that grocery envelope and is affecting that $300 balance. Any suggestions?

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The old transactions will remain part of your record, just as if they were paid in cash. To get to 0 or 300, you’ll just need to either adjust the current Fill by the amount of the older transaction (bringing it up to 300 on 4 July), or transfer money into or out of that envelope from Available so the balance is what you want it to be.
Does that help?

I don’t think I am understanding, I am sorry. I ended up changing my budget from biweekly to budget although we get biweekly pay. The biweekly set up just didn’t click for me. The monthly set up clicks better for me. I just fill my envelopes twice a month and when the envelope is full, time to pay the bill. I put the due dates for the bills with set dates. Thank you for responding though.

This is how I used it when we were paid biweekly too—a monthly budget, but with biweekly Fills.
Are you saying your budget is $300/month, and you want your envelope to show $300 on the 4th when you started over? But there’s a transaction from the 2nd that’s throwing it off?
A couple ways to interpret this—if you always want to start on the 4th instead of the 1st you can specify that in the budget (I budget |monthly| and my budget starts on the |4th|). That way you can schedule your Fills to post that day, and the deductions will roll over on the 4th every month.
If you just want $300 in the envelope on the 4th this month (or as a catch up), look at the amount remaining in that day (easiest in the web) and transfer enough from Available via “envelope transfer” to bring it up to $300.
For example, here I have a budget of $1000/mo but because of a transaction on 6/30 there’s only $950 in there on the 1st (let’s say I added it late and it wasn’t recorded when the monthly Fill happened). I can either transfer $50 more from Available to make it $1000, or adjust the Fill by $50 to make up the difference. Helpful?