Reset unallocated and accounts

I have made some errors early on when I was setting up my unallocated and accounts. How can I reset those to the correct amounts. Seems like this is something we should be able to do without affecting each other, but all the other questions of this nature were not answering this issue.

The envelopes and accounts are just different representations of the same money, so you won’t be able to adjust account balances without affecting your Unallocated balance. Accounts show you the amount of money you actually have (or owe) at any given time, while envelopes show you your “plan” for all of that money. Any money that hasn’t been assigned to a budget category spills into Unallocated. If you were to bring all your envelope balances to zero, the Unallocated would equal the total balance of your accounts, all combined.
That said, to make Goodbudget accurately reflect your financial position, you’ll want to correct any account balances and then rebalance your envelopes to distribute the money as you wish.
I hope that helps!

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This is the same response I’ve seen posted several times. This doesn’t resolve the issue. My envelopes are accurate except the unassigned. My accounts are accurate. There must be a way to set the unassigned to zero without changing anything else. If they haven’t anticipated that people would make accounting errors or mistakes in setting up their accounts, that is a serious oversight.

I guess I’m not sure what you’re looking for then…that’s like saying I have two $10 bills that I want to exchange for a $20 but I want my balance to remain at ten dollars…the two (Accounts and Envelopes) are two sides of the same coin. You’re never changing Accounts without affecting Envelopes (even if only Unallocated is affected), so without an error “backstage” there’s no way for the two balances to be different.
To set your Unallocated at Zero, you’ll need to move money into or out of your envelopes. If it’s negative, you’ve allocated more money than you actually have, so you can do (an) Envelope Transfer(s) from a filled envelope to Unallocated. If it’s positive then you have more money available to spend, so just transfer or Fill your envelopes with the excess.
If for some reason you have a different balance in Accounts than you have in Envelopes (there’s no way to do this on purpose, it would represent a glitch somewhere) then maybe an Admin could take a look in your household and see what’s up.
These two screenshots show where the two figures should be the same, and if they are then it’s simply a matter of reallocating money in your envelopes.
Screen Shot 2023-06-10 at 6.00.22 PM
Screen Shot 2023-06-10 at 6.00.09 PM

@Alex, am I overlooking anything?

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Is there any way to speak to someone live to get support. There has to be a way to correct mistakes. I understand what you have said and I’m probably not explaining it well enough. If the data put in is accurate you are correct. What happens when there is incorrect information put in. This should not be this difficult to make corrections

I don’t know if they offer live support, but I’m not aware of any. I’ve only ever worked with them via email. I pinged Alex, one of the Admins, in my last reply so presumably he’ll see it on Monday morning. You might try emailing them directly (assuming you have the paid subscription) to see if they can help. I’ve also done remote support over Zoom but I’m just an experienced user, not affiliated with or endorsed by Goodbudget in any way, so that makes some people uncomfortable (and I completely understand that).
Sorry it’s been frustrating for you; I’m sure it’s a simple fix.

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Hi there, sorry for the troubles. Assuming your Goodbudget username is the same one as you have here, I’ve just gone in and adjusted your Unallocated to balance out your Envelopes and Accounts, which should give you proper and matching balances.

To be honest I’m not entirely sure how they became unmatched, as you should be able to add and edit and delete Envelopes and Accounts and transactions without having this happen, but in rare cases they do become unmatched like this, and we have to jump in to sync 'em back up. Sorry again for the confusion.

(…if that wasn’t your login, and you’re still seeing an issue, that means I just corrected some random person’s balances, which is good I guess but doesn’t solve your problem. If that happened, send us an email to with your login email / username and we’ll get that fixed)