Reset envelope when filling

Hi there,
I am wondering if there is a way to fill an envelope with the current amount spent inside that envelope (i.e. reset the envelope to 0.00).
The use case is that, for some envelopes (e.g. healthcare), I don’t have a predefined budget (because I don’t know beforehand how much I would like to spend in it). But I do think it is still relevant to track the expenses. When filling the envelope, it would be very handy to say “just add (or set to) the amount equal to the current spent amount”.
In the example illustration below: something to prefill “Add 312.00” instead of having to manually type the numbers.
Is this doable?

To accomplish this, you would just toggle the instruction to Set and make sure the amount is 0.00. This will clear the balance in the envelope, whatever it is, and bring you back to a clean slate.
Hope that helps!

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Well you are absolutely right. Thanks!