Request / Idea

Not sure if this is the place for this but dont see any other options for submitting request.

I’m on Premium and would like the option to make edits to new transactions and save them without having to chose an envelope.

This would come in handy as I may want to edit the payee or add a note but not ready to assign envelope. Main reason for this is I budget with my spouse. We share accounts and cards. I may want to leave her a note on a specific transaction but let her assign the envelope.

I suspect this is a hold over from the previous version of the software when you were required to assign envelope to all transactions before moving to next step.

My general view, the fewer “requirements” you place on users the easier the software is to use. If someone needs the “requirements” to be disciplined or something, make it an option.


I created an envelope called “to be assigned” to manage these; it makes budgeting easier when my husband enters transactions that either don’t fit any category or could fall into multiples. When I use Goodbudget next, I just move these into the best envelope so that “misc.” one is usually empty.
Also, for future reference, the post about submitting suggestions can be found here.

Yeah that is essentially the current option. Its not the best, especially when they could simply turn off the “answer required”. Some spouses come kicking and screaming when asked to help with the budgeting. Its best when you can make it as simple as possible for them. Sounds like your husband is a more eager participant :laughing:

You can add a Note to a transaction marked as Needs Envelope by using the Bulk Edit feature. Just tick off the transaction (or transactions) in question, then if you click “Add Note”, you’ll be able to put in a Note without needing to choose an Envelope for the transaction.

Interesting hack. That will work for now. Thanks

Another option I just thought of is that you could add a Note and Confirm the transaction with a temporary Envelope, then immediately un-Confirm it so it stays obvious for your spouse to see later.

Unlike with manually-added transactions, where if you un-Clear the green checkmark, they’ll return to no status, if you un-Clear a transaction that was previously-imported, you’ll get the purple Confirm button back, so it’ll be obvious and also show on the special page that lists all transactions needing confirmation.

How do you un-confirm a transaction?

On the website, if you just un-check the green Cleared check in the Status column, if the transaction was previously automatically-imported, it’ll return to being un-Confirmed (i.e. having a purple Confirm button).

FYI - unchecking the check for transfers doesnt appear to do the same thing. But otherwise it works!

Thanks again for the info. Very helpful!