Reports to predict savings

Hi, is there a way to create a report that predicts future transactions? We are new to GB (1 week). I used to use a spreadsheet where I logged all upcoming payments and income and could see (months in advance) how much is left over each pay period and therefore how much we can save over a period of time.
I’ve logged all our bills and debt payments as scheduled, so can see the next month of payments vs income, but cannot seem to go beyond that.


Hi Fiona,

Thanks for your question. To some extent, you can use scheduled transactions and the running balances in the transaction list to forecast into the future. Your scheduled transactions should show a theoretical running balance change, so if you schedule enough of them you can see what your balance(s) theoretically would/will be when they post.

However, scheduled transactions will only show their next upcoming iteration. In other words if you have something scheduled monthly, in June it’ll only show July’s copy, then in July it’ll show August’s, and so on. If seeing a farther lookahead is important to you, it might be worth considering scheduling more frequently (say, instead of having a monthly recurring transaction, having 2 copies of it that recur every other month) so you can see more information.