Reports - how to get further info?

I’m an old Ms Money user, searching for an alternative software/app. GB could be an option but the reporting capabilities seems quite basic. For instance Income vs Spending it’s just a graph not the really Income vs Spending report by Category that I’m used to. It’s not possible also to export the Spending by Month report’s data. Using an external tool like Excel to analyse the transactions and create our own reports could be an option (even if not desirable) but if we have split transactions the envelopes are concatenated in a single colum, other than the one that we have for non split transactions. This requires an huge effort to transform the data in order to get the info that we need.
Does the roadmap will cover these kind of issues within a short period or there is any tool available to deal with them?

You can filter the transactions using advanced search, then Export CSV button next to Import.
Not sure if this is what your after, but I was able to import into Numbers on my mac.

Export from GB and import to Excel is possible but the CSV layout is not suitable for a quick treatment in Excel.
I find two diferente fields containing the same type of info (the envelopes).
If it’s a single envelope transaction the envelope is found in a column in Excel. If it’s a split transaction the envelopes stays in another column (concatenated) and the other column is blank.
It does not follow the simple rule to have the same type of info (the envelopes) in a single field, requiring some extra work on the data to get further analysis.
This leads to the point posted initially that GB reports are not that good and it shouldn’t be necessary to use external tools to get better info.

Thanks for explaining, I understand what you are after and agree that GB is not as flexible in their reporting area. I did look at gnucash and it has more reports, but it is not envelope based.

I looked to gnucash also but i’m searching for an envelope / zero budget software. I’m considering also ynab but it looks more tricky

Hi @VC65 – Thanks for posting! Sorry to hear the existing reporting capabilities aren’t working for you. We aren’t working on updating our current CSV downloads, but, for now, I’ve added your feedback to our tracker so we can consider it as we continue to develop Goodbudget.

In the meantime, I hope you find a service that works better for your needs! If you’d like to stay on top of what we’re working on, you can keep an eye on our Roadmap here.