Report to Help Adjust Envelope Amounts?

I’m looking for a way to use reports to show me the average spending in an evelope (in $$) over the last, say, 6 months. This is so I can compare my envelope amounts to actual spending and determine whether any of them should be adjusted. For example, when gas prices climb steeply, we may start spending more on gas than we have historically and I may need to increase that envelope fill. But I can’t find any report that shows me average spending in dollars by envelope…am I overlooking this capability?

I’m not aware of this capability. How I manage what you’re talking about is having my fills ADD my budget amount. If I find my envelope going negative on a regular basis then I create a report on spending by envelope for the last 6 month period, divide that total amount by my fill period and then adjust my fills accordingly. I do this same process when I find envelopes that continue to increase in value. This process really only works when you have your fills ADD and not SET.

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When I need averages, I manage this outside Goodbuget by exporting the data and averaging it with a spreadsheet. I do like WRBird’s idea of using “Add Fills” though—this lets you see what’s happening in real time.