Report on consumption vs cost?

Good afternoon

Is there a report that will let me compare my consumption vs. the cost? Either month to month or year to year?

For example, if my electricity bill has gone up how much is due to additional consumption and how much is due to increased unit prices? And what if there are different units on the bill, like peak units and off-peak units? Or minutes, messages, and data?

I think that would be a really useful report!


Not that I’m aware of. To be able to run a report like this would mean that you’d have to enter the consumption value and unit price for each bill paid. I believe that would be beyond the scope of this program.

As wrbird notes above, unfortunately I think what you’re looking for is a little beyond what Goodbudget provides. You can use transaction Notes and things to make commentary on individual transactions if that’s helpful to you, but there’s not really any way to break down tracking and changing balances like you seem to be looking for.