Refile date changes

I have setup my refile date for the 16th of ever month. However, when I check it later on, it has changed back to today. I have made sure to save it every time, it just doesn’t want to stick. I have only noticed this today after resetting my whole budget for a fresh start.

A couple of things to check—first, make sure you’re changing the date in the Scheduled transactions, not on a transaction that’s already been entered into your ledger. Post-dating an item doesn’t change how it reflects in your balances, but changing the date of a future transaction (any transaction) will make sure it doesn’t drop until then.
Second, be sure that once you’ve changed the next unrecorded instance of the Fill to the 16th, that you’ve deleted the one that went through on the 1st. As long as the next one is September 16th, they should continue forward on that date.
If all that looks right but it’s still incorrect, pop an email to the Admins to take a look.
Hope that helps!

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