Recording cash back/splitting a transaction?

I am trying to record a transaction where I purchased some groceries and also got cash out. Is it possible to expense the grocery amount and put the cash amount in the cash account?

The way I would do it is with two transactions. Let’s say I purchased items at a merchant with my credit card and received cash back using the same credit card. What would show on my statement is two transactions. First the one from the merchant, the second is my cash back. Therefore, in Goodbudget I would have one transaction from the merchant for the amount paid to them. My second transaction would be an account transfer from my credit card to my cash account. I hope that helps. Others my reply with a different way of doing it.

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The transaction is imported as 1 transaction. The way I resolved this was to transfer the entire transaction to Cash envelope and then expense out the Groceries. Not ideal, but a solution.