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Simple enough. Thank you. One other question. In doing my first reconciliation I can’t get my cleared balance to match my statement balance. I started in the middle of month and all my recon transactions are on my statement. None extra or missing. Please advise

Since you say it’s your first Reconciliation, did you set your Previous Balance (the one the first Reconciliation screen, the one before you hit the button to see your list of transactions) to 0? For your first Reconciliation, that value should be zero and not whatever your actual previous statement balance was.

Yes I did. I put the statement end date and statement ending balance on that screen.

Whoops, sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear. I meant to ask if the “Previous Balance” line was 0. The statement end date and balance should be whatever they actually are.

Yes, I’m sorry I failed to mention that my previous balance was set to “0”.

It sounds like maybe your starting balance when you created the account in Goodbudget was off. Maybe the balance that day included some pending debits or deposits? You may need to adjust the opening balance of the account if that’s the case in order for the reconciliation to work. Alternately, you could make the opening balance the same as the closing balance of your previous statement and then enter any additional transactions that took place before you started using Goodbudget.
I’ve also had instances where the date I recorded and the date a transaction cleared are near the cutoff for a statement, and this has caused headaches in reconciliation. Be sure there are no transactions around that date that may be dated and cleared as if they’re on one statement when they’re actually on another.
I’m betting that one of those two issues will resolve your reconciliation. Good luck!

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