Reconciliation problem with deleted categories

During Christmas, I created envelopes for each kid, grandkid, etc, that we budget for so I could keep up with what I had spent on each. After Christmas, I “zeroed out” each one and deleted the envelopes. Oops. What happened when I reconciled the next credit card statement was that many transactions that were correctly entered into Goodbudget at the time of purchase, are not there to check off as accounted for. Can I recall a deleted envelope or fix this in some way?

You won’t be able to restore a deleted envelope, but the transactions will still be present in your ledger. If they’re still associated with the account you used (and they should be) then you should still be able to use the reconciliation function in that account to align your records.
If you deleted the transactions though, rather than just bringing an envelope balance to 0, you’ll need to essentially start a clean slate with that account by editing its balance to the correct amount on any given date and then entering any pending transactions. It’s often easiest to do that at the end of a statement cycle.
Hope that helps!

Ok so if they are not showing up at all in the ledger, and they are not, then my wife never entered them in the first place right? Believe me this is highly probable! :grinning: I for sure did not delete the transactions. I just zeroed them out and deleted the envelope. You are saying if I click on the Amex account, I should still see transactions as long as they were entered originally?

That’s right—they’ll just show the envelope in the “strike-through” font to indicate it’s not active anymore.

Thanks! She swears she entered them, but between you and me…! :zipper_mouth_face:

Do make sure she tries a manual sync first, and if they’re still not in the ledger, well, I’m sure they must have just blown away. Pretty sure that’s what happens to some of my husband’s transactions too. :wink:

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