Reconcile after years on the app

I’ve been using this app for years now. I just realized there is an official way to reconcile with my bank account (I was just doing this on my own)

I’d love to use this feature, but when I try, it gives me this error:

“There are too many transactions between your last Reconciliation and the Statement Date you’ve entered. To reconcile fewer transactions at a time, change your Statement Date and Balance to reconcile your Account one month at a time, starting from the earliest unreconciled bank statement.”

I don’t particularly want to go back and reconcile years of use, one month at a time. Is there a way I can get past that? (maybe clearing my history or something?)

The reconciliation function only goes back to the last time you reconciled, so in your case I would simply do a single reconciliation from your most recent statement, using the prior and current ending balances as the starting point (since you know it’s actually correct).
I’m not in front of my computer so I can’t test this, but you may have to do a single “fake” reconciliation to start the process. In that case, I’d use the balance from your last statement as both the prior and current balances, then without clearing any transactions the difference will be 0.00. Accept that, and it will use that as your starting balance for the current statement.
I hope this works—like I said, I hate to offer advice without testing it first but I’m on the road and won’t have my laptop again until Saturday (and boy am I kicking myself for not packing it!!! :joy:)

Clearing your history would certainly work, as would a number of probably other less than optimal solutions (like making dummy Accounts for moving forward, or Reconciling single months starting from whenever you started).

However, in this case, the easiest solution, especially if you have years upon years of transactions, would probably be to email us at and we’ll get your Account(s) sorted up to a recent-ish date so you can start Reconciling month-by-month going forward.

Just let us know the Statement Date and Statement Balance we should Reconcile to, and we’ll do a one-time “Super Reconciliation” (this is not a real term) to Reconcile all previous transactions up to that point for you!


awesome, thank you!