Re-setting the Reconciliation Clock w/o a complete Re-do


Over the past few months I have done the manual re-do. The other night I was doing my reconciliation, which is almost updated to present time, and accidently selected the wrong year. So, my amounts are correct but the year is off.**

Is there a way to continue or reset the clock? I don’t want to go back through years of manual reconciling again…


If everything except the date is correct, just reconcile again with the same data but the new date. You should have a 0.00 difference and when you “approve” it the current date will override the old one. Hope that helps!

Hi @Tiffany,

So, basically a re-do? Even if the amounts and data updated so that the reconciliation is ready for the next date in sequence? Or just move on to the next date?

@Tiffany unfortunately the solution proposed did not work out. I tried re-inputting the data and proceeding with the next (month’s) reconciliation. Both ended up with the “last reconciliation” date being the mistaken typo, putting me a year ahead. Other suggestions?

Screenshot (15)

Oh, now I see—I thought you’d entered it a year behind. I haven’t come across that before. If the Admins can’t change it manually, I wonder if it would just make sense to keep using that same date until it rolls around?? That’s hardly ideal but I’m not sure what happens in the background. Looking forward to hearing what the Admins recommend.

Hey, just shoot us an email at with your registered Goodbudget email address, the name of the Account in question, and the date you actually want it to be, and we should be able to change it for you.


Indeed, hopefully they can based on @alex’s post. The proposed solution is a good one, @Tiffany, but cumbersome.

Thanks for the help!

Just did! Thanks, @alex!

Thanks for the help, @alex. It did get changed, just needs two adjustments. I emailed you the changes as a follow-up.