Quick Fill

I’m new to this program and I set envelopes and budgets for each month. I added the amounts I now have in the envelopes and some are over budget. I followed instructions at the beginning of the second month to fill the envelopes with the budgeted amount using Quick Fill. My understanding is that it will add the budgeted amount to all envelopes as long as enough money in the unallocated envelope. Well, that didn’t happen. It filled some envelopes up to the budgeted amount, some that already had sufficient money in them it didn’t add any, and some it just stopped short and didn’t fill them all the way? What happened? Am I doing something wrong or is this a program issue?

It sounds like you just need to toggle your Add/Set buttons differently. Toggling to “Add” will add exactly the amount specified, which may leave envelopes over- or under filled. You’d use this when you often carry a balance over from month to month but want the envelope to grow, or when you may want to “borrow” from the future but still need things to even out over time.
Use “Set” when you want the envelopes to start out with the amount specified regardless of how much is needed, so if you were in the red from the prior month it will add more than you’ve budgeted, but if you already have enough it won’t add any. If an envelope is overfilled and “Set” is chosen, it will push the overage back to Unallocated.
IMHO the toggles on the web version are sometimes confusing visually, so be sure to actually click the one you intend to use.
Hope that helps!

Yes, I understand the add function. Quick Fill didn’t work until I remembered the number one action you take when a computer has problems… REBOOT!