Question about an old transaction I can't delete!

I was a new user of Goodbudget back in 2018 when I downloaded the app to an old Android phone, I never really used it and forgot about it, Just installed the Goodbuddy App on my iPhone 12 Pro Max and started setting it up but there is an old +$980 Transaction that I can not delete, have tried multiple times and it is messing up the complete totals on what I allotting and have gotten aggrevated as I have no idea how accurate the budget is off. Can you help to rid me of the +$980.00 transaction I can not delete myself. The transaction is from back in April 2, 2018 if I have the right date. Thank you in advance! Kenneth

Hi Kenneth,

Sorry for the confusion with that. My first guess is that it’s an Activate Accounts transaction, in which case it cannot be deleted, but can you shoot us an email at with your Goodbudget household email address so we can take a closer look and see what’s going on?