Problem deleting a wrong transaction!

Good morning!

I have a wrong transaction and I want to delete it but the GoodBudget do not allow me to delete it, and show this error: “This transaction is not editable.”

Actually, I’ve deleted this transaction but it hasn’t removed from the unallocated budget!

I attached an image of the error!

Thank you

Good morning!
Based on your screenshots, Goodbudget shows you have 1819.88 in the account(s) you’ve budgeted (the total of the two envelopes plus Unallocated). It looks like you believe your accounts have only 1619.88 though, since you’ve tried to delete the Unallocated amount.
If that’s the case, go into your Accounts tab (not envelopes) and manually adjust the balance (“Edit”) to correct the amount in the account. This will reduce the Unallocated to 0.
If however the account balances are accurate, the “unused” 200 will remain Unallocated until you use it to Fill an envelope—essentially waiting until you “assign it a job”.
Hope that helps!
(PS—don’t adjust the balance with a transaction, just do it directly in the balance window)


Thank you so much for your prompt reply!

Actually my account balance is 1619.88 and is accurate. At first, I fill this 200 amount in my checking account but delete it later. It has removed from the Accounts tab but has not removed from the Envelops tab! it is

Thank you.

Here is another image:)

Interesting—This happened to me once a long time ago and it could be a mismatch between the two tabs within the software. If that’s the case the Goodbudget admins can take a look and adjust it. @alex, is that what’s happening here?
(It’s early here—they may not be able to respond right away :slightly_smiling_face:)

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That’s great!!!
It is early here too:)) I’m in Canada.

Stay safe!

Hey rostami-r,

Sorry for the troubles with that. That transaction isn’t delete-able, as it’s a necessary sort of transaction to “glue” your household together when you activate Accounts after having them off, but your Envelope and Accounts tabs should definitely have the same sum totals, so we can look into that and fix it for you. Can you shoot us an email to with your Goodbudget email address so we can look directly into your household?


Thank you for your help!
Yes, for sure! I will send and email.
Actually, I have a free account and I was testing this App for first time.

Thank you