Premium account features

New GoodBudget user here. I just signed up yesterday for a Premium account. My decision was based on the fact that GoodBudget now has autosynch available (on Premium account). I’m having trouble finding guidance/documentation on how the premium account works with regard to the automatic synch. The only tutorial videos I find are older videos that pertain to the free (no auto synch available). Also, the options showing on my Premium account seem to align with manual (vs auto) synch as well (Upload bank file, export CSV).

Can anyone point me in the right direction for familiarization with the Premium account and how I should expect autosynch to function? Thank you.

The best starting point for questions would be the bank sync section of our Help Center, which you can find here:

After that, you can post follow-ups here or email us at

Look at my post before you do this. I had hours of stuff to clean up. Everything will be duplicated if you are manually entering any transactions.