Phantom money

I think I understand how most of this works, but I had a rocky start.
My Unallocated envelope has a lot more in it than my total cash balance.
How can I eliminate some old Unallocated entries without messing up my cash balance?
Or, should I just wipe everything and start over?

You shouldn’t need to wipe!
The Unallocated is simply the difference between your Account balance(s) and your Envelope totals. If it’s off by a large margin, there’s either an erroneous Account balance or some Envelope irregularity.
If it’s not immediately evident, try Filling all your envelopes and Set them all to $0, then your Unallocated should equal your account balance.
Hope that helps!

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This is what I would do: Make sure all my accounts actually equal what they are in real life. Once this is established and there’s a positive amount in Unallocated, then that means you have funds that you can use to transfer into an envelope. If there’s a negative balance in Unallocated then the other envelopes have been overfilled along the way. Just transfer funds from envelopes of your choosing into Unallocated until Unallocated is zero. Some people like to keep funds in Unallocated which is fine, I personally don’t.

The bottom line is the total balance of all your accounts, shown at the top of the accounts tab on the web must equal the total balance of all your envelopes, shown at the top of the envelopes tab on the web. Envelopes and Accounts are independent, but show the same funds just in a different way.