Pending Transactions

One issue I have with GB is when I have a pending transaction for a particular date and when that date comes it automatically takes it off of pending and puts it in the cleared section. Then there’s no way to put it back into pending if that transaction didn’t actually occur.

Now I’m noticing GB will keep income transactions in pending even when I change the date to the past. Then I have to select Now to move it to completed. Any other transaction type when I change the date of a pending transaction to the past it moves it to the cleared section automatically.

Why did GB change the behavior for income transactions, but not the other types of transactions?

Hi wrbird,

I just tried doing what you’re describing and I’m not able to reproduce it, so can you tell me what I’m doing differently from you? I set two transactions (one Expense, one Income) to a date of November 1, recurring Weekly, and when I saved, they both posted once on November 1, then created a scheduled occurrence with next date November 8. To me, it doesn’t seem that the Income transactions are behaving differently? The same happened when I changed the date on the pending occurrences to a different past date.

Thank you Alex for your reply. I just tried to duplicate it on a couple of test income transactions and it’s behaving as intended, so I don’t understand what happened before. At this point let’s just close this one. I’ll keep an eye on this and if it happens again I’ll do a screen recording to show you.