Pending Transactions - Expenses and Income

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I LOVE the pending transaction feature. Not only for recurring bills but also planned “non bill” expenses that I know are coming up. I like the fact that it shows the balance in the envelope including the pending expense. My question / suggestion is why doesn’t it show pending income? It would be helpful in planning towards that future expense. I understand that showing repeating future income such as paychecks could be a problem but would it be possible to include “one time” future deposits?

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Hi jps, can you clarify what you mean here? Scheduling a transaction as pending should work for any and all transaction types, including both types of Income transaction. Are you finding that your Income transactions aren’t setting as pending at all? Or are you saying that they’re not showing up how you expect them to?

Let me attempt to clarify. They both show up in the list of pending transactions correctly.
A pending expense that is assigned to an envelope will show up with the balance after the pending transaction is due to post. However, if you record a pending deposit to that same envelope it will not show up until after it is actually posted.

As you can see from the attached picture, i have two pending expenses to this envelope. The first brings me to zero balance. There is a pending deposit to that envelope that does not show up. The second expense shows a negative $300 even though there is a pending deposit between the two expenses.

Again, this isn’t a regular scheduled fill as in a recurring paycheck but a planned fill to cover the second expense.

Does that clear things up?

That does clear things up a little, though I’m not sure why what you’re explaining would be the case. Can you email us at with 1) your Goodbudget email address, 2) the name of the Envelope in question, and 3) the name of the missing pending Income so we can take a closer look at this issue? Thanks!

If I’m understanding this correctly, I have the same question, so keep me posted🙂

Hi Wayne: I talked with PAPAJ about this a little on email off the forums, but essentially this is a different form of the same case we’ve discussed previously here: View Income Amount and Amount Filled Values

Specifically, individual parts of Envelope Fills are excluded when viewing scheduled transactions in specific Envelopes because of cases where Set Fills would prevent the system from knowing the actual amount to be Filled.

I’ve made a note of this specific case in our tracker for the relevant discussion, but I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for your response @alex