Payee does not auto-suggest even with save location

The help section mentioned that,
“Goodbudget will remember your transaction location on your phone and auto-suggest the Payee, Envelope and Account the next time you’re in the area. On iPhone, you can enable Location Services for Goodbudget by heading to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.”

However, the Goodbudget app on IOS had never auto-suggest the Payee in the 1.5 years I’ve been using the app. I checked that the Location services is enabled as While Using.

Any other setting required to enable the auto-suggest capability?

Hi there,

Simply having the Location Services setting turned on should be sufficient to get that feature to work. Can you send us a message to with your Goodbudget household email address so we can look at your transactions and see how the data has been saving, to see if it’s a saving issue or an app issue? Thanks.

I’ve had the same problem since the beginning. The list of proposed names does not correspond at all to the location and (for example) the gas station where I am located does not appear, although I have already made entries at this location with the name of the station.
Everything is activated at the GPS level.
thank you for your reply