Payee does not auto-suggest even with save location

The help section mentioned that,
“Goodbudget will remember your transaction location on your phone and auto-suggest the Payee, Envelope and Account the next time you’re in the area. On iPhone, you can enable Location Services for Goodbudget by heading to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.”

However, the Goodbudget app on IOS had never auto-suggest the Payee in the 1.5 years I’ve been using the app. I checked that the Location services is enabled as While Using.

Any other setting required to enable the auto-suggest capability?

Hi there,

Simply having the Location Services setting turned on should be sufficient to get that feature to work. Can you send us a message to with your Goodbudget household email address so we can look at your transactions and see how the data has been saving, to see if it’s a saving issue or an app issue? Thanks.