Payee does not auto-fill

I’m new to goodbudget, having used numerous budgeting software packages over the last 3 decades, and just entering my first handful of transactions. I’m entering transactions, and as I start typing the payee name, it is not auto-filling or suggesting already used payees as I type. Am I missing something? checked spelling, spacing etc. But I’m having to retype the same payee name in full, in this case, a grocery store, which will get hit constantly, for each transaction. Is there a setting I need to click to enable autosuggest/autofill? I’m sure that the list of payees does not grow every time a duplicate payee is entered, as I’ve seen a topic that mentions an “auto generated payee list”.

If you’re entering transactions on the web, try refreshing your browser tab. I’ve found that a new payee won’t autopopulate until I’ve done so, and then it’s fine from then on.
I haven’t noticed this in iOS but suspect if it were an issue then a “pull down refresh” might resolve it as well.
Hope that works for you!

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Refreshing the browser tab did the trick. Interesting. Thank you!

I can’t say whether specifically this is/was the case, but just to explain a little, Goodbudget has a hidden time-out function on certain pages after which you won’t be able to input new information without refreshing. This shouldn’t happen in most sessions, and is mostly relevant when you have Goodbudget open for a long time (say if you were working on it in the morning, ran some errands, then came back to your computer), but is worth keeping in mind if it seems like things aren’t changing for whatever reason.