Pay debt account with credit card

How do you pay a debt account with a credit card?

Hi wrbird,

Currently Debt Account balances can only be paid down using Checking, Savings, or Cash Accounts, but you can simulate a transfer of funds from a Credit Card Account to a Debt Account by manually adjusting their balances on the Edit Accounts page. Once the balances have been edited, two new Account Balance Adjustment transactions will be generated, and you can rename these to show that the balance change was due to a payment / transfer in real-life.

Hope that makes sense.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try on my next payment. When will the ability to pay with credit card be added?

Thanks for asking! We don’t currently have plans to implement this feature. But you’re always welcome to make a formal feature request, and you can see how to do that here.

I have the same situation. I have a payment plan for my phone that’s paid with a credit card (they actually only let you pay by credit card). I put the payment plan in GB as a debt account, but now GB won’t let me record the payment.

I tried Alex’s workaround. I edited the debt account to reduce it by the payment amount, but then I can’t record an Expense to take money out of the debt envelope and credit card. It says I should record a Debit Transaction, which was the original problem. :laughing:

I’ve only got a few months left on the payment plan, so I’ll just track it off-books. I was just hoping for the satisfaction of seeing it paid off. :slight_smile: