One Envelope is loaded but shows Negative

I have all my envelopes set up and working fine, except:

Verizon Wireless has 301.00 allocated, and the 266.95 charge shows as negative. What’s goings on?

Hi Gary, any chance you could share a screenshot of your Envelope so we can see exactly what you’re seeing?

Without being able to see the exact situation, my guess is that you’ve created your Envelope but not Filled it with money before recording that 266.95 Expense. When you create an Envelope and set a budgeted amount for it, that just sets your spending target/guide, it doesn’t actually put money into the Envelope for you to spend from. You’ll need to first do an Envelope Fill to add money to the Envelope to give it a balance.

Does this work?

And here’s how it shows up as a transaction on my PC home screen

I think Alex is right–since there’s no running balance, it looks like you didn’t do a Fill in that envelope. (EDIT–never mind about the balance; I see you’re looking at All Transactions. My mistake. But the rest of this is valid.)
If you click on the Envelope itself, there should be a positive transaction when you put the money in, like this:

Is that maybe what’s missing?

As it happens when I started this at the beginning of the month I added up what I thought I needed to fill all the envelopes and did a “Fill all”, but when I was done I had $317 in unallocated. I couldn’t figure out why, but decided to wait to see if somehow it all worked out. I don’t recall ever seeing the checkmarks, and still don’t see them, but I filled the Verizon envelope from the Unallocated amount and all seems mostly good now, with the proper excess amount of $34.05 remaining in the envelope. I still show $16.84 in unallocated which I need to chase down, but it should be easy now.

Where do I look to see the checkmarks?

Thanks for your help.

Ah, those checkmarks just indicate that the transaction has Cleared but not Reconciled (reconciled transactions have a dark green circle with a white check). I informally reconcile my accounts all the time—at a minimum every Friday and sometimes more often—using the balances from my bank and card apps.
Either way, they’re not really relevant to the envelopes, just the accounts.
Hopefully today your Scheduled Fill has posted and all your envelopes are (mostly) filled up, assuming your budget starts on the 1st!