Old subscriber: plus vs premium

When I signed into GB today, I was offered to “upgrade” to Premium. I checked under My Household and see my subscription level is Plus.

I couldn’t find Plus on your public website.

What’s the difference? For how long will your loyal (i.e long term) subscribers be grandfathered in on our subscription rate?

Premium seems to be a new level that automatically imports transactions, but judging by the amount of chatter on the forums it’s not particularly helpful (to put it mildly) for those of us who have used Goodbudget for a long time and enter our transactions manually.
It sounds as if they aren’t planning to do away with the Plus level in the foreseeable future although of course there are no guarantees! Alex mentioned something to that effect in one of the threads about the new program. And for long-time users who converted but preferred it the “old way”, the Admins were able to switch people back to Plus at their request.

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Tiffany summed it up well!

For anyone else who might see this thread, you can find info about the three plan offerings (Free, Plus & Premium) when you’re logged in on the web by clicking on “My Household” > “Update to Premium.” Once you’re there, just scroll down for the three separate plans, and links to upgrade to Plus or Premium.