New IOS 6.3 target lines now gone

I recently upgraded to the new IOS 16.3 and now my target monthly tracking lines are no longer there within the app. My wife is still on 16.2 and hers still works. Desktop version still works as well. Anyone else found a solution?

Hi Andrew,

Sorry about this. This is an issue related to the app version, not your iOS version. Long story short, we accidentally removed those lines for households with certain budget conditions while changing something else for version 4.3. So if you have either version 4.3 or 4.3.1, those lines might be missing.

If you update to the newest 4.3.2, you should get those lines back, but the Envelopes messages (the “you’re ahead/behind by x”) are still not showing the right amounts…we’re working on that right now.

But hopefully this explains a little more what’s happened, and I’ll update this space again when we tackle that remaining problem.

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Thank you!!! Updated to the new version released yesterday and it works.

Just bumping this issue… any update on when the “you’re ahead by…” figures will be accurate? It’s a great feature! Cheers

Hi Dave, sorry for the continued issues with that. We’re definitely still looking into this, but between wanting to make sure it’s right and the fact that Apple has a slightly laborious app update process, I can’t yet say when the fix might be available.

I’ll be sure to update this space again when the updated version is available!

Thanks Alex

For Dave, and anyone else following this issue, we’ve released a fix for this issue, and you should see the proper ahead/behind info in all cases as of the newest iPhone app release (4.3.3). If you haven’t yet automatically received the update, you should be able to fetch it by going directly to the App Store.

Let us know if you see anything still off or have any other issues.

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Thanks Alex - looks good!
Great service from the Goodbudget team.

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