New envelopes not funding even after setting a funding amount

We want these new envelopes to be part of our Paycheck Quick Fill. How do we do this?

Assuming you already have the Paycheck fill established, just open it in the app (from the Account >Scheduled Transactions) or on the web under See All Your Scheduled Transactions. From there you make whatever adjustments you’d like!

One wrinkle to what Tiffany shared – if you’re specifically referring to the “Quick Fills” you can set up and save on the Web, unfortunately it’s not possible to edit those at this time. So what you should do if that’s what you’re trying to work on is load your Quick Fill, make the desired changes, then save the new Fill as another Quick Fill (you can delete the original one also, if you’d like).

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When I click on ‘Scheduled Transactions’ there are none listed. This must mean we only use ‘Quick Fill’, yes?

We will try this, thanks!
So we:

  1. Open our existing ‘Quick Fill’
  2. Make changes to it, adding amounts for the new envelopes
  3. “save as another ‘Quick Fill’”

How do we do step 3? Is this with “Remember Quick Fill as…”? And then give it a new name?

Yes, exactly. Once you make your changes, you’ll just save everything (the old Quick Fill + the new changes) as a new Quick Fill with a new name.

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