Negative unallocated funds?

I don’t know how I did it, but I have a negative amount to allocate. What did I do wrong?

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A negative “Unallocated” amount just means you’ve already filled your envelopes with more money than you have on hand. This is often because you’re budgeting for funds you EXPECT to receive but don’t have in your account yet. For example, you know you’ll get a paycheck before your car payment is due, so you’ve put money in the Car Payment envelope that you haven’t yet been paid. Initially, the way to address this is to only fill envelopes with money you already have, which may mean making more than one fill per budget cycle. (You can have a monthly budget, for example, but fill your envelopes every two weeks when you get paid.) Ideally, you’ll eventually save up enough to have enough money set aside to fill all your envelopes at once, but if you don’t have that right now it’s totally OK to start with smaller bites and work up.
Another reason you may have less showing in your account and thus in your Unallocated envelope could be because you’ve received income that you haven’t reported, like a paycheck that’s in your bank but not in GoodBudget. That’s less likely though, since few of us ever overlook a paycheck!
Hope this helps!


Talk2Stews –

Had the same problem. Here’s how I fixed it. Go to upper left of your homepage and click on the plus sign for new transactions. Then enter new income for the amount that is negative in unallocated. Voila. You’ll see your unallocated is now zero. Let me know this doesn’t work for you.

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