My saving balance exceeds Goodbudget limit

When I tried to edit my bank accounts I got this message “Please enter amount with no commas, letters, or symbols. Use positive amounts with 8 digits or less.”
One of my bank account has exceeded 9 digit in balance, which apparently is not acceptable within Goodbudget limit. My accounts are all in non-USD, so our currency seems to be more inflated against USD. I can’t split the account balance because that will throw off all records I’ve made over the years. What can I do about it? I’m just surprised this balance limit exists in the first place.

Hi there, sorry for the troubles with that. Goodbudget is designed as a currency-less system, but we’re based in the USA and the majority of our users also use USD (or currencies with similar orders of magnitude, like GBP or CAD or EUR), so our program is primarily designed with those sorts of amounts in mind.

There’s not currently a way to increase the limit or remove the decimal, but one thing that might work for you would be to simply ignore the decimal, depending on your currency? For example, JPY doesn’t have decimal amounts, but someone using JPY could just enter 1.00 in Goodbudget to indicate 100 JPY, gaining two extra digits that way.

…I know that’s a bit cumbersome and definitely not ideal, but that’s the solution I’d suggest, if you’d like to have your savings account tracked.

That’s unfortunate, and yes ignoring the decimals is cumbersome because I imagine I have to make adjustments to my transactions list.
For now I made an entire new account to split some big transactions to pass the limit, but I still don’t understand why this limit has to exist in the first place, especially in the age when spreadsheet or database has no character limit (or if there’s any, it could be higher than 9 chars).
If there are no plans to fix this unfortunately I might have no reason to continue using Goodbudget because it doesn’t fully support my currency.

I get what you’re saying, and if that’s a critical feature to you, Goodbudget might indeed not be the best fit for your budgeting. Not that things can’t ever change of course, but we don’t have plans to make changes to that functionality at this time.

As for the why, there are a few reasons, but perhaps the biggest is that it’s not as simple as simply hiding or not hiding the decimal point. We’d also have to make sure everything saves correctly in the system for both entry styles, and also ensure that visually things look proper across all of our apps, and so on.

It’s definitely not something we’re not changing just to be annoying or anything. It’s just that we try to prioritize choices that have the maximum effect on the maximum number of people, and unfortunately for your situation, this isn’t a change we’re looking to make at this time. Hope that makes sense.

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