Multiples account

Can I create multiples account?

With the free version, you’ll just have one account to work from, but if you want to track many accounts and envelopes you’ll be able to with a premium subscription. It’s very inexpensive and IMHO well worth it! I keep 25 accounts and 45 envelopes in my primary household, and have a second household for our home abroad with four accounts and about a dozen envelopes.
That said, if all you want to do is follow a budget with a few categories (not reconcile your accounts), the free version will be everything you need. You can enter all your income into one big pot and use it to plan your expenses.
Hope that helps!

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Thanks a lot.
Can I work with euros?
Can I import items (data) from excel ?

The program is currency-agnostic, but working with multiple currencies is tricky. I have accounts in euros, pounds and US dollars but I have to do a lot of gymnastics to convert between them. If you’re staying in any one currency it’s very simple.
You can also import data from a .csv file if it’s formatted correctly. If you’re importing from a bank and have the option to use Quicken files, I find them the easiest. But yes, you can import from a spreadsheet too.

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Thanks for trying Goodbudget! You can learn how to import with CSV files here: