Multiple payment method, one transaction

Hello, I can’t seem to find an answer to my question here. I went to the grocery store and had a $230 bill. I used my bank account for $200 of the payment and cash for $30. How do I record multiple payment methods in one transaction? It doesn’t happen often but I like to get rid of cash in my wallet when it’s there!

You record the $230 against the bank account and then do an Account Transfer to move the $30 from Cash account to Bank account. Two separate transactions.

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Alternately you could record two transactions for your groceries to describe exactly how you paid, but there’s currently no function to split a payment method in one transaction the way you can split expenses across envelopes.

Thank you!

Thank you!!

I thought more about this, and I think I would do the same thing I said above but in the other direction. I would record the $230 expense to Cash account, and then transfer $200 from Bank to Cash. That way there will be a $200 withdrawal from Bank account in your ledger that will match the $200 debit on your bank statement so you can reconcile.