Mortgage Refinance

Can you please figure out a way to handle refinancing of debts (i.e. mortgages)? I am running into the following problem:

Paying off the current debt requires an account and envelope. But starting the new debt uses neither, leaving me with a large negative amount in both envelope and account.

With mortgage rates changing often, refinancing is an integral part of mortgages is part of the budgeting process.

I don’t like adjusting the balances (it’s an accountant thing :smiley: ).

Hi ZukiTelt,

Thanks for asking! I also just refinanced my mortgage. I recorded that in GB by deleting the old Debt Account and Debt Envelope, and then making a new Debt Account and Envelope with the new figures.

You could also keep your existing Debt Payment Envelope, but delete and remake your Debt Account.

Do either of those options work for you?

Thanks again,