Monthly Income vs Total Budgeted

Hello everyone,

Long time user, first time poster here. I would like to know if the amount I have budgeted for the month exceeds my income for the month. I used to be able to see this on the Goodbudget Mobile app by clicking “Edit” on the Envelopes Screen. There it would show how much I am budgeting for monthly and annual envelopes, and then at the bottom it would show the amount I was over or under. For example, if my monthly budget was $50 less than my monthly income, it would show a green “$50” indicating that I had that much more to “add” to my budget.

Now, I only see something that says “Total Budgeted”, which looks like the sum of all the monthy and annual envelopes budget. It doesn’t tell me whether it is over or under the monthly income.

I’m not sure if I am missing something obvious, or whether the app was changed. Has this feature been moved behind a paywall?

Thank you so much!

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Hey there – Thanks for your post! I think you’re referring to the Income Estimate tool that used to be visible in the mobile app. We opted to remove that tool in an update earlier this year, since it often confused folks.

The best to see how your current budget compares to your income would be to head to the website and pull up your Budget Allocation report (or just head to the Edit Envelopes screen) and your Income by Source report.. Then, just subtract your total budgeted amount from your total income.

I hope that helps!

Thank you very much for the quick response Karisa! I appreciate it.

The Budget Allocation report shows the total amount budgeted. To get the total income, do I need to go to scheduled transactions and add up all of the income transactions? Or is there another place that is stored.

Thanks again!

Hey @nick,

Yep, heading to your scheduled transactions page to tally up your incomes is a good way to get the total. Alternatively, if you’ve been using Goodbudget for awhile, you can use the Income by Source report to look at a tally of how much you brought in per month so far.

Hope that helps!

Will you please put that feature back into the mobile app and add it to the web site. You’re describing more work that needs to be calculated manually when the program should be doing it. It’s best to educate users rather than removing features that are beneficial. I’m a long time user here also and it seems GB has been stumbling quite a bit lately.