Monthly envelopes confusion

Most of my envelopes work perfectly - but the monthly bills seem to have got more than a little confused.

Here’s an example - I just paid my cellphone bill (it’s due on the 7th, but it actually came out on the 9th, the company is a little variable, but it’s always within a day or two).

It’s meant to fill $15 a week, but it keeps deciding that I’m behind and filling extra? I can stop that by setting to a specific amount, but if I set the specific to the same as the budget, it reverts.

It had exactly $65 in there when it decided to add $39.87

It’s got $43.48 but it thinks it’s got 0

On my phone, it’s showing as ‘You’re behind by 12.85. Stop spending for 6 days?’
Which is weird, because by my calculations, I’m ahead by $36.98.
It’s like it doesn’t understand when the 7th of the month is, at all, or it’s not recognising the funds…??

I’m so confused. Do I just delete the envelope and start again? I really don’t want to.

I’m confused too so I hope one of the Admins chimes in here, but in the meanwhile I would probably set up a new weekly $15 fill JUST for that envelope and change the monthly fill budget line to “Add 0” for that one. That will at least get the right amount of money flowing through the envelope until the fix is explained.

Thanks for posting and sorry for the confusion!

For Envelopes with Due Dates, Goodbudget doesn’t factor in the balance when calculating your suggested fill amount. Instead, it considers how much you’ve filled into or transferred out of the Envelope for your “month.” (In your case, your month would be from Oct 7 to Nov 7.)

So even though you had a balance of 65, you might not have filled with that amount, and so Goodbudget is helping you make up the portion that you didn’t fill into the Envelope, or may have transferred out in that Oct 7 - Nov 7 timeline. Hope that makes sense!

If you want Goodbudget to give you a straight suggested fill amount that doesn’t factor in your fills or transfers, then you can try removing that Due Date.

I hope that helps!

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Ah, thank you! It probably got confused and out of sync when I changed providers and my bill went down, so I took funds out. That sort of makes sense. I’ll take the date off for now. :slight_smile:

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