Monthly Envelope fill keeps resetting (daily)

I use GB in a very simplified form and have both monthly and annual (filled monthly or filled annually) envelopes.
I have an issue with one of my two annual-filled-annually envelopes. One works perfectly, the other defaults to filling £1000 per month. I cannot see where this is set to do this - on the App it shows as the monthly fill being set zero while on the website it shows monthly fill set at £1000 but if I set this to zero it defaults back to £1000 each night. I have to delete the unwanted fill each month. (And last month I did this incorrectly and accidentally deleted ALL my monthly fill transactions, not just that one).

What setting am I missing to set this to fill to zero each month as I want?

Is there any chance you have more than one scheduled Fill (like a monthly and an annual), with the additional amount coming in from the other one? The Fill will take place at a scheduled interval even if the envelopes are set with longer periods than the primary budget (like monthly and annual), so if there’s an entry in a monthly Fill that isn’t “Set to 0” (or “Add 0” if you have money in there that you don’t want to change) it may be entering that annual amount by accident.
Another thought might be a “Set All” Quick Fill that’s causing the issue. And are you changing the scheduled Fill, and not just the one that’s posted incorrectly? Changing an existing transaction won’t have any impact on the future entries.
It just seems odd that you have one working as expected and one causing problems, so there’s something awry somewhere (obviously!)

Hi Tiffany, Thanks for your help.
I don’t seem to have more than one scheduled fill (or if I have I can’t find a second one).
When I am changing the amount from 1000 to 0 I am doing it on the next scheduled fill (so the one scheduled for next month), so I’ve done this today and the two envelopes look like this: (Not sure if this will come through!)

But I’ve changed this 3 times already this month and every time I log back on it’s gone to 1000 again. But only on the website, via the App it shows as 0 (all the time).

Well, that certainly seems like it should work and the fact that your browser and app show different values is quite odd. I’m afraid this is a question for the real experts-- @karisa or @alex, can you help??

Sorry for the trouble! Can you send us an email from the address you registered with so we can pull up your Household and take a look? Thanks!

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