Monthly Burn down at a glance

Hello. I wonder if you could advise if I am on the right track / or is there a better way to achieve my desired outcome

I want to have an at a glance monthly burndown

I have setup (I think!) my salary to auto fill my envelopes like this
Bills. Salary auto fill £750 and then monthly recurring expenses also “debited” on the same day

I know the above is not cash flow accurate but that’s fine - I just want to stop spending over budgets

For non recurring eg Food I set an auto fill envelope to £750 and then add expenses as transactions as they occur

This seems to burn down ok but I was hoping if I overspend then the dash indicator would change from green to red. But it seems to stay green. - though it does display a negative balance

Is there a better way of doing this or other features that would help me manage monthly spend

I don’t need over or under spend to carry forward - just start each month fresh on payday.

What do you think ?

On your salary auto fill, use the option “Set” instead of “Add”. This option will zero out the envelope and add the amount indicated by your fill.

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This is what I’d recommend too. If you want more detailed instructions, you can find a guide for doing this in our Help Center here:

This part confuses me…if you’re overspending compared to your budget period, but you still have money in your envelope, then you should see the green stripe behind the tick mark indicating that you’re spending too quickly but haven’t exhausted your envelope yet. If instead you’ve already spent more than you budgeted, you should see a negative envelope balance AND it should turn red.
I can’t think of a scenario where you’d have a negative balance and a green progress bar; can you share a screenshot?

So. Month one complete and works great so far - apart from the monthly “reset”

We get paid on the 26th so I set my envelopers to refill on the 26th apportioning salary across the budgets exactly. (effectively leaveing zero in unallocated)

I expected therefore all the envelopes to be 100% green again on the 26th AM and then new transactions will get logged and burn down

Yes some enveopes seem to have carried forward a loss or additioon.

I’m pretty sure I set them all the not do that

Is there some way I can check and make sure without losing transaction data ?

You won’t be able to automatically retroactively change the Fill for this month (although you could delete it and reenter it before any transactions today) but what you’ll want to do is check your scheduled Fill and click on every “Set” instruction, also making sure that the amount in the box to the right is equal to your monthly budget. If, for example, you’ve adjusted your budget from $150 to $200, but haven’t updated the monthly Fill, it will still Set the envelope to $150 leaving a shortfall.

I suspect that this is the case, since you said you believe you’ve already confirmed every envelope is in a Set instruction.

If you delete today’s incorrect Fill, you should be able enter next month’s corrected Fill today just by changing the date of the next one from 7/26 to 6/26. This will adjust all the ones beyond it as well (so you won’t skip a month).

If you find that a Fill was incorrect after you’ve entered more transactions, you can adjust it manually by opening the entire Fill and adding or removing money from envelopes inside. I find this happens most often if I’ve added or edited a transaction from the prior period, since it doesn’t recalculate.

As an example, here’s my scheduled Fill for my Household envelope. It should adjust the balance to $100:

Screen Shot 2023-06-26 at 7.36.05 AM

But here’s what the envelope actually looks like, after I deleted a duplicate $12 transaction from last month. The starting balance is now $112 instead of $100.

The fix is to open that particular Fill and adjust the amount added down from $52.80 to $40.80:

Screen Shot 2023-06-26 at 7.35.08 AM

Hope that helps!