Monthly amount not recalculating when annual amount updated

Good Day!
I had to update an annual dollar amount, related to an “annual” envelope, to be higher than originally entered. This updated annual amount was saved but the corresponding monthly contribution did not change/recalculate and remains an amount based on the original lower annual amount.
There is no Due Date assigned to this envelope.
Have I missed a step? Is there something I can do to rectify this?
Thank you!!

By “monthly contribution” do you mean the amount of money that was added to the envelope? If so, it means you likely didn’t update the scheduled Fill instruction.
To remedy, you’ll want to first go into the next future Fill and made the adjustment going forward.
Then you’ll open the Fill that was just entered (I assume today) and adjust that envelope to the amount you wanted to include. Be sure that your Unallocated doesn’t become negative as a result, but if it does just transfer some funds from an overfilled envelope back into it.
Any time you edit the budget, you also need to be sure the corresponding Fill(s) have been updated to reflect the new amounts.
I like to describe creating/editing the budget as “writing the projected amounts on the outside of the envelopes”, and the Fill as “putting the money inside”.
Hope that helps!

Sorry. I guess I was not clear in my description of the problem.

I’m talking about an “annual” envelope that was created. Initially I set it up to have an annual total of $1200. Once I clicked on “Done” it calculated that this would a $100 fill per month. Then I realized that I needed the annual total for this envelope to be $1320. I edited the annual total to be $1320 but the monthly fill per month did not recalculate. It stayed at $100, when it should be $110. All this was done before I filled the envelopes.


Once the Fill is established and scheduled, you’ll have to change it manually even after you change the budget. It sounds like that instruction is still scheduled to underfill based on your original budget, but fixing it in the Scheduled Transactions will correct it going forward. (If it’s a Quick Fill I believe you’ll have to create a new one rather than just edit the existing)
If I’m still misunderstanding you I apologize and hopefully one of the Admins will be able to help!

Thank you for your help.

I think I’m the one who has a bit of a brain block, as I’m still a bit confused regarding what the fix is.

I’m going to try to figure out if I am able to contact an admin to, perhaps, walk me through what I need to do.

Thanks again, very much!!!