Minimum Balance required

How do I show an account balance that has a minimum balance required?

Welcome! Are you asking about an account that holds a certain amount unavailable—like a credit union that has a small minimum you can’t spend? In that case I would add it as a transaction that never clears.
For example, our CU requires a $5 minimum in savings, so a $100 balance would show as “$100, $95 available”. I’d add a $5 “fee” to keep my records accurate.
If instead you just want to notate the minimum needed for the account, I’m not aware of a way to do that. You might just want to add it to the name of the account if you need to have the info handy e.g. “Bank of GoodBudget— $10 min”.
Not completely sure if that’s what you’re asking but I hope that helps!

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Thank you!