Manage Payees

Wondering if there is a feature to manage payees (I’m using account synch version). Example, looking to tell Goodbudget, when you see AMZN, rename it Amazon and put it in X envelope (yes I’m aware you can edit multiple transactions at a time and change their name - looking for the app to do it automatically for me).

I’m thinking that functionality doesn’t exist because I haven’t seen it. Thought I would ask just in case. If doesn’t exist, is it on a list somewhere to be implemented? If not, it would be a good one.

Hi there - Thanks for your post!

The Payees that are associated with your automatically imported transactions come from your bank, which is why they look a little messy. However, when you confirm those Payees and correct the spelling, Goodbudget will learn your patterns and begin automatically adjusting the Payee names for you. So, over time, you should be less ‘AMZN’ and more ‘Amazon.’

Further, Goodbudget will also be able to sort your automatically imported transactions into the correct Envelopes for you, so long as it can recognize the Payee.

I hope that helps!

Great, thanks. So at this time there is no way to edit what Goodbudget has established as payee information?

Would you clarify what you mean by “edit what Goodbudget has established as payee information”? As Karisa mentioned in her last reply, changing the Payee of an automatically-imported transaction should have future Payees that come in through the system identically be routed to that new name in the future.

e.g. if GB sees “Bigmarket244928” and corrects it to “Big Market”, then you rename it to “Large Market”, future “Bigmarket244928” transactions should go straight to “Large Market” rather than “Big Market”.

That seems like what you were asking in your original question, so I’m not sure if we’ve misunderstood your question or if you read Karisa’s answer as a future thing rather than present thing.

They’re looking for a way to edit/manage those automatically generated mappings.

I would like that feature too. A few months ago I reorganized my envelopes and GB still doesn’t remember several of my payees now go to the “Monthly: Bills” envelope even though I’ve said so several times now.

So once Goodbudget has established the “logic”, I may want to edit that logic either because I no longer want that logic or its incorrect logic.

You can’t edit the logic directly (i.e. there’s no way to see all of the logic Goodbudget is keeping track of), but simply doing a new naming should overwrite the old information. I think there’s some weighting so it may not immediately happen, but it’ll learn after a little time.

So to follow my old example, if you decide you want “Humongous Market” instead of “Large Market”, after changing “Large Market” to “Humongous Market” a few times, it should auto-write Humongous in the future.

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