Making a duplicate transaction

There are times when I need to create a new transaction which is the same as an existing one except the amount or the date. I would like a way to make a new transaction by duplicating an existing one. Currently this feature does not exist. This would be a nice time saver, especially if there is a note to carry over.

Any comments from the community?

I agree–I think this would be a great feature to add! My workaround for those that I expect to repeat albeit irregularly is to create them as scheduled transactions far into the future, then just use the “enter now” option to duplicate them. That way the notes are carried over each time and I can make minor edits if needed.
Alternately, you can also add notes en masse by selecting several transactions on the web version and adding one note to them all.
But none of this is particularly helpful if you find yourself with an entry you didn’t expect to duplicate, and that would be a nice feature.
Here’s the original post from the admins about how to suggest features or report bugs to them, if you’d like:

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