Long Term Budgeting?

Hi there,

I’m new to Goodbudget and I’d like to learn more how to use it.
Right now I’m still figuring it out, but my main gripe / confusion with it is scheduling out long term expenses.
I’ll copy a screenshot below, but right now I am planning to spend a hundred bucks in May for a preorder of a game I’d like to buy. I know I can afford it, but it’s helpful for me to say “I am going to be spending this money in the future.”

However, when I added the transaction and scheduled it for me, GB is acting like I’m taking it out of my envelope now. That doesn’t seem intuitive to me!

So what’s a way I can plan for transactions in envelopes in the future without GB treating it as if I’m drawing from that envelope now?

Hopefully the image below helps explain what my confusion is. Basically, I don’t like seeing it in the red when I know I can afford it!

Okay an update here.

Perusing the forums, I found this post: I want to zero out my "Unallocated"

And I think this user was experiencing the same confusion as me? So I basically preemptively filled those envelopes with income left over in my unallocated income section.

I’m not 100% sure this will work as a representation of my real life savings, but we’ll see after this month!

To add to your first post, if you click the “schedule this” button while entering the transaction, it will post the transaction to your future expected expenses instead of today’s. If you need to save up for it, you’ll want a Goal envelope but if you just know you’re going to buy it with available funds, that’s the way to keep it out of your ledger until then. Post-dating transactions doesn’t change when they’re posted but Scheduling them does.
Hope that helps!
(PS—you’ll need to delete the one you have and enter a new one this time)

I just figured this out too! Thanks for the help.

Also, shoutouts for being so helpful on here! I was wondering if “Tiffany” would be the first to respond to this lol. I thought you might have been a staff member but it’s cool to see someone helping out so much on their own.


Lol thanks—I’m admittedly a bit of a Goodbudget fangirl…:grin: Glad to help!

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