Issues after upgrading and initiating bank sync

I upgraded and signed up multiple accounts for bank sync last night and this morning website is nearly unusable. Frequently timing out requiring closing page and logging back in. Selecting cleared transactions stops updating requiring manual page refreshes. Are there general issues with the website today or is this something unique related to upgrading?

Initial log in screen stuck on loading

Hi Jonathan, sorry for the troubles. We’re looking into this now, but it looks to be a general issue rather than anything specific to the Premium plan, as I’m seeing it on some households without subscriptions as well.

It seems to me that refreshing once or twice should put you through, but we hope to have a full fix for this soon. We’ll update again if we have any updates, but thanks for your patience in the meantime.

I see these on occasion. Just click Home or some other link tends to fix it for me. Or go out and come back in.

Hi again Jonathan (and anyone following this issue), we’ve just given the servers a little shake and everything should be running properly again. If you have any further issues loading the site, please shoot us an email at