Is it possible to upload envelope transfer data?

I regularly upload QBO files from one bank and one credit card company.

I also use QubeMoney for 100% real/live Envelope state/status on mobile. (You can select which Envelope (they call them qubes) to spend from before you use the bank debit card.) I wrote some code to pull QubeMoney transactions into CSV files that I can upload to GoodBudget.

I’d also like to be able to “upload” the envelope transfers that I make outside of Goodbudget (in QubeMoney) in the same way I upload normal transactions.

Anyone know of a way to perform this?

(I could just move my “envelope” functions to QubeMoney, but it only handles <half of my overall transaction count.)

Hi there – Thanks for your post. There’s not a way to import Envelope Transfers – they’ll need to be created manually. Hope that helps!