iPhone: See Your Envelope Balances As You Fill

Filling multiple times a month can be a pain

How much do I have left to add to Groceries? Have I already set aside what I need for Rent? These are questions you might ask yourself when it comes time to fill your Envelopes after you get paid.

If you receive multiple paychecks throughout the month, you know it can be hard to know which Envelopes you’ve already filled or how much is left in each. It’s especially hard when those paycheck amounts change, or if they don’t come at the same time each month.

See how full your Envelopes would be if…

Now, it’s possible to see your Envelopes’ balance bars while you fill on iPhone. That way, you know exactly what you have in each Envelope, making it easier to see where you’ve already put money and where you need to add more. You’ll also be able to see the effects of your fills on your Envelope balances before you press save, so you can make adjustments to have exactly what you need where you need it.

Head to the Apple App Store to get the latest version of Goodbudget for iPhone.

Happy budgeting,
-The Goodbudget Team

This has always been the most frustrating part of Goodbudget for me. Seeing the balance bars might help a bit, but for envelopes that get used frequently, like Groceries or Restaurants or Miscellaneous, the balance is only part of the picture.

If I have budgeted $1000 for the month for Groceries and have added $600 already this month, my next paycheck should allocate $400 - but if I have already spent $400 then the balance will only show $200. I have to also consider what future income I still have to receive for the month, and roughly when I will buy groceries again, etc. It would be better to see the total added to the envelope so far rather than the current balance.

In any case, my solution to this particular problem is to project my income for the budget period. On the first day of that period I add that amount to an account named Projected Income and fill all of my envelopes to the full budgeted amount. Now when I get paid I simply do an account transfer from Projected Income to Checking. I always know how my envelope usage is tracking over the period and I never have to worry about these partial fill issues.