iPhone App amount calculator

When I used the GoodBudget App on my android device, there was a handy calculator that popped up when I was entering the amount spent on a new transaction. This calculator was particularly useful when I was splitting the transaction into multiple envelopes. Now that I am using the App on my iPhone this handy calculator is no longer available. Am I missing something? I now have to use the calculator that is on my phone to add the amounts and calculate taxes, and then jump back onto the GoodBudget App to fill in the transaction. This is very tedious. I would love a work around.

First you enter the total amount, then you select the envelopes, starting with the “split into multiple” option at the top. Now you should see a list of envelopes in the transaction screen. Just start entering amounts and the app will fill the last one with the remainder.

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Sorry for the trouble! I believe the calculator was default to that Android keyboard, so it’s not available in the iPhone app. @kschedler’s workaround is your best bet!

On your iPhone, you can replace the default keyboard.
I tried this and I can add numbers and assign to GB amount.