iPhone App - Ability to enter a "-" sign

It would be nice if on the iPhone GB app, there was the ability to enter a negative number (i.e. Deposit) when entering a transaction. There are times when I deposit money that isn’t really income and I would like to be able to enter it into GB using my phone, but not enter it as income. I want to enter it in as a transaction to a specific “envelope”.

A general example would be that I have $10 leftover from cash that I took out for a purchase and I deposit it back into my account. I want to enter that as a -$10 transaction in GB and put it back in the “envelope” that I took it out of. Currently I have to log on to my laptop to enter the transaction since I can enter a “-” that way.

On the Add Transaction screen, near the bottom is Expense/Credit. Just change the type to Credit and it will add the money to the specified envelope and account instead of removing it.


kschedler - Thank you so much! I guess I had always gotten stuck on the options under “Type” being Expense, Add Income, or Fill Unallocated that I never looked further down to see the “Expense/Credit” option. Problem Solved! Thanks again.