iOS Glitch: Envelopes Not Grouped into Monthly, Goal, etc

I’m new to Goodbudget, and I’m seeing a discrepancy between the way the web, android, and iOS versions group various types of envelopes.

The web and android versions do what I WANT them to do, which is group my 2-Week, Monthly, and Goal envelopes under their own sections. For some reason, iOS groups all of the “non-primary” envelopes (in my case anything but my 2-week paycheck cycle envelopes) into a section called “Annual/Irregular” which is a lot less helpful to me.

Is this a known glitch in iOS? Is there a setting to make sure that my monthly envelopes are grouped under a Monthly section and my Goal envelopes are grouped under Goal? It seems like that IS Goodbudget’s design intention, when viewing on the web and android, but iOS is falling short on this one. Any solution to this dilemma?

Thank you!

P.S. I can add screenshots comparing the 3 different interfaces if my explanation isn’t clear enough.

Hi johnnydarko- Thanks for posting!

That discrepancy you’re seeing on iOS is because we haven’t built out the multiple Envelope period features to iOS yet. However, that’s on our Roadmap located under the Building section. That means we’re actively in development, and we hope to publish the update soon. Once it’s available, your Envelopes on iOS will be grouped the way they are on the web and Android.

Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have more questions.


Thanks for the response!

I’m really glad to hear that this is something that might show up soon on iOS – that means I’ll be able to more enthusiastically recommend Goodbudget to my iPhone friends!

Thanks for the work you do!