Income categories for reports

I’m just getting started with Goodbudget and everything seems to be going smoothly. However, when I check a report for Income by Source, every income deposit gets a separate color block. How do I indicate that the separate deposits are all “Paychecks” and others are “Misc” or “SS”?

The report should be grouping items with the same exact description, so if for example every paycheck is called “Company A Salary” then they should all fall under the same color and category. In one of our households we have five income sources: my salary, his salary, my expense reimbursement, his expense reimbursement and interest earned. Although there are dozens of individual entries, there are only five colors on my Income by Source report.
I would first be sure that each deposit from the same source has exactly the same descriptor, especially if you’ve entered some on the web and some through the app since the formatting can cause just enough of a difference to make it seem as if they’re two separate entities. I hope it’s that simple!


Thank you! I saw all my husband’s direct deposits had a slightly different number, so they were sorting as separate sources. I renamed them, and they grouped together.
It is very helpful to sort income by source accurately!

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